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Blue Circle Extra Rapid Cement 25kg

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A rapid setting and hardening cement for all building repair and maintenance work which sets in 30 minutes

  • Extra Rapid is for repair and maintenance in building work where rapid setting and rapid hardening properties are beneficial
  • Rapid setting and hardening cement which sets in approximately 30 minutes
  • Faster strength gain compared to conventional cement - Walk on in just 4 -5 hours and drive on in just 8-12 hours
  • Weatherproof plastic packaging allows cement to be stored outside in all weather saving waste and indoor storage space
  • 39% more environmentally friendly than paper -packed cement
  • Shelf-life of up to six months allowing re-use in multiple jobs
  • Extra Rapid is a quality assured cement covered by BS EN ISO 9001
  • Available in 12.5kg and 25kg bags

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